Brown Arts


Budgeting considerations for planning your event at a BAI venue.

The BAI does not charge a rental fee, however, there are some instances in which costs may be passed on to an event organizer. A list of possible charges is noted below. Please consult with BAI staff to determine whether any of these fees apply to your event.

Potential charges associated with using a BAI venue are listed below. Please note, fees are subject to change based on the needs of your program:

  • Security Coverage: $35/hr

  • ArtsCorps: $30/hr

  • House Manager: $35/hr

  • Professional Audio Services: $35/$50 pending event

  • Piano Tuning: $150

  • Projectionist: $300┬áminimum, additional charges may apply pending event

  • Art Installation: Dependent on specific needs of installation

  • Equipment Use: Dependent on needs of event

    Potential charges incurred from other Brown departments:

  • Custodial Cleaning

  • Furniture Rental

  • Department of Public Safety

Any BAI charges will be paid by the BAI and billed to the sponsoring department or program on the first day of the month following your event. Brown charges should be contracted directly between the sponsoring department and the appropriate Brown service provider.

Cancellation Fees

Events that are canceled or rescheduled within two (2) weeks of the original event date are required to pay in full any charges for any external subcontractors hired to assist with an event, such as a house manager, projectionist or audio technician.


For loose or installed equipment borrowed from the BAI, the borrower is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged, lost, stolen or broken equipment.