Brown Arts

Scheduling Process

What to expect when planning an event in a BAI venue

To reserve space for an event in the Granoff Center or Lindemann Center, you must fill out a space request form. Forms must be received at least four (4) weeks in advance of your desired date(s). Please be aware that spaces in the are in high demand. If you do not submit a Space Request Form sufficiently early, it is unlikely that a space will be available. Please note that we will not confirm requests for future semesters until that particular semester's course schedule has been finalized.

Space requests are converted into firm reservations when you receive a confirmation email. If your space request is approved, a member of the BAI staff will contact you to discuss the details of your request. Though you may contact a member of the BAI staff in advance of submitting a space request to discuss possible event locations and logistics, no reservations will be confirmed until your Space Request Form has been submitted and approved.

Events should be scheduled to fall within regular building hours, though we may open earlier or close later to accommodate your event, if requested. Requests for extended hours must be approved by BAI staff at least four (4) weeks in advance of your event date. The sponsoring department will be charged a security fee of $35/hour.

Space Request Forms should indicate potential technical requirements, including sound, video, digital slide presentation access and lighting. Please note that the Space Request Form is not a service request. Although we kindly request that you detail your event needs so that we may best advise and aid your event process, the BAI is not responsible for producing or staffing your event. You will be responsible for all set up, break-down, loading and unloading of items for your event. Confirmation of a space request only grants the date(s) and time(s) in the requested space.

Event Planning Procedure

  • Fill out and submit a Space Request Form, being sure to detail any and all technical requirements you may have.

  • If approved, the listed contact person will receive a personalized Event Detail Sheet that must be completed within two weeks of receipt.

  • After submitting your Event Details Sheet, the BAI staff will work with you to finalize your event needs including any audio-visual and technical assistance, event hours and room access, storage, furniture, etc.

  • Make arrangements (security, catering, Facilities, storage, etc.) necessary for your event, as discussed with BAI staff.

  • Prepare presentation materials and program content in advance of scheduled rehearsal/technical time, as determined with BAI staff.

  • On the day of the event, arrive at least 1.5 hours before the event's start time and check in with staff. Confirm all personnel and service arrangements.

  • Following the event, restore the space to its original condition and load-out all event materials.