Brown Arts

Event Overview

Guidelines and considerations for planning your event at Granoff Center.

The Granoff Center is designed to support productions from a range of artistic disciplines. Please refer to the Space Details page for summary information on individual spaces in the facility, and to the Request Space page for information on using the space.

The BAI staff works closely with each event organizer/presenter to plan and advise on the best use of the Granoff Center and its resources. Please note: The sourcing of staff required to run the various facets of any given event is the responsibility of the presenter. The Granoff Center does not provide stagehands, audio or lighting technicians, ushers, etc.

There are a range of options that can be used in combination to provide staff for events. For example, the presenter may provide personnel from their department or organization. Depending on the complexity of the event, BAI staff can provide instruction on the use of basic audio and video equipment, such as presentation microphones and projection of digital slides. The BAI has a list of contacts in various departments at Brown as well as within the Providence performing arts community who can provide technical service.

​​​There are a number of professional production companies in the Providence area that offer a high level of technical support. The following list is not exhaustive, nor does it represent any endorsement by the BAI staff:

​Front of House
Personnel may be required to organize waiting audience members pre-show, control room capacity, as well as enforce fire safety regulations. The presenter may provide this personnel, however, depending on the unique circumstances of each event, BAI staff may determine that professional house staff (house manager, ushers, etc). are required due to considerations such as size of anticipated crowd, high visibility speaker and the like. If it is determined that professional house staff is required, the BAI will charge the sponsoring department accordingly.

Fire Safety
Anyone using the Granoff Center should make themselves familiar with its Emergency Action Plan. The safety of all occupants, presenters and audience members is of primary concern. All events in Granoff center must comply with State and Brown regulations regarding fire safety.

The occupancy capacities for each space are listed under the Space Details section. Exceeding the stated capacity for any space is prohibited under Rhode Island fire safety codes. For further information on capacity control, please refer to the Front of House section above.

Furniture, equipment, or people in aisles or blocking exits is strictly prohibited.

The presenter must appoint a person who is responsible for complying with all applicable requirements specified in Brown's Fire Safety for Events Checklist. The responsible person must attend and be present throughout the duration of the event to ensure compliance with all specified rules and procedures. The fire safety announcement specified on Brown's event program must be made to the audience by the presenter at the start of each event.

The use of candles any open flame or other source of combustion is strictly prohibited. Smoking is never permitted in any Brown University building. All materials used for productions (wood, fabric, etc.) must be flame-retardant in accordance with Brown EHS Performing Arts Safety and Visual Arts Safety programs. Special effect smoke, fog or haze is not permitted due to the sensitivity of the smoke-detection system.

Furniture | Room Set Up
The presenter must provide personnel to arrange room furniture for the event and restore the space to its original configuration following the event. Please see the Space Details page for an inventory of chairs and tables in each space. Presenters must make arrangements with Facilities Management to rent any additional furniture required. Deliveries of furniture or equipment to the Granoff Center must be met by the event organizer or a designee.

Event Registration
If a hosted event requires guest check-in, please be aware that registration tables may not block egress paths. For a Studio 1 event, tables may not be placed in the corridors. If you would like to set up a registration table outside Studio 1, please request use of the adjacent Living Room space.

The presenter is responsible for providing any supplies, such as tape, lighting gels, photocopies, office supplies, tools, water bottles/pitchers, linens and catering supplies.

Post-Event Clean Up
Room furniture must be restored to its original position. Any Granoff Center equipment must be neatly packed and either returned to its original position or left in an agreed upon location. All materials, supplies and equipment that were brought in for your event must be loaded out. Items may not be stored overnight unless prior arrangements have been made with BAI staff. Unclaimed items will be discarded. If the space is not returned to its original state or if it requires a custodial cleaning, charges may be assessed accordingly. Upon leaving please ensure that all lights and installed AV systems, especially any projectors, are turned-off.