Brown Arts


Consider security needs for your next event.

During the academic year, the BAI employs APG Security services to secure the building after office hours. During these hours, the security guard is responsible for the safety and security of the Granoff Center and its inhabitants.

Events that have been granted permission to occur outside of the building hours of the Granoff Center will be required to cover the charges for extended security coverage. The cost for this extended security coverage is $35/hour (please note:  depending on the hours a guard is required, a four (4) hour minimum charge may be assessed). BAI staff will arrange for additional security when needed, and will invoice the event organizer at the end of the current month. If your event runs late and you have not made arrangements for additional security in advance, you will be charged twice the amount ($70 per hour).

Some events will also require the employment of Brown Department of Public Safety (DPS) guards in addition to an APG Security guard. Events that have been granted permission to simulcast in the Living Rooms and/or in Studio 1 will be required to hire at least one DPS guard to ensure that the main staircase and egress paths are kept clear.

Similarly, events that utilize multiple spaces within the Granoff Center simultaneously may be required to hire at least one DPS guard to ensure that maximum capacity is respected in each space. Depending on the nature and size of an event, the BAI staff may require that DPS guards be hired to ensure public safety. The event organizer is responsible for hiring DPS guards at the behest of the BAI staff. Event organizers may make arrangements for DPS guards directly with DPS. The BAI strongly recommends that DPS be hired to oversee any operations involving the collection of money (box office or suggested donations).