Brown Arts


Brown University is renowned for its rigorous fusion of arts practice, scholarship, and theory embedded in its trademark Open Curriculum and its highly selective graduate programs. The Brown Arts ecosystem includes seven academic arts departments.

The Department of Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theatre is a research and developmental theatre producing new creative works that analyze and articulate the experiences and expressions of the African Diaspora. Rites and Reason is a space for artists, writers, and scholars to explore and engage Africana intellectual and cultural traditions together, translating them into innovative theatrical and expressive forms.
The Department of the History of Art and Architecture serves the undergraduate and graduate student communities at Brown by offering training in the history and theory of art, architecture, material culture and related fields of critical inquiry.
For fifty years, Literary Arts at Brown University has been a creative and intellectual center for a diverse and innovative literary community.
The uniqueness of Modern Culture and Media resides in its commitment to situate the study of media in the context of the broader examination of modern cultural and social formations.
The Department of Music is a community of scholars, creators, and performers dedicated to exploring music’s past, present, and future.
The Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies (TAPS) is the intellectual and artistic center at Brown for faculty and students interested in the aesthetic, historical, literary, practical, and theoretical explorations of performance in global perspective - theatre, dance, speech, performance art, and performative "roles" in everyday life.
The Department of Visual Art at Brown University has an outstanding reputation for both the breadth and depth of our art instruction.