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IGNITE Series Campus Projects

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February 26-March 2, 2024
A film screening and week-long exhibition creating dialogue between the past and present, art and politics, creative and scholarly work against AIDS.
Oct. 30, Feb. 5 - Nov. 2024
A year-long integrated media experience that illuminates the importance of our collective health and what can be done to enhance it.
October 2023 - Fall 2024
A lecture series on the role of light in art and architecture from antiquity to the present.

Coming Soon

Electric Hour Finale
Date: March 19, 2024
Location: Martinos Auditorium, Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Conceived and Curated by Chance Emerson '23.5

Electric Hour aims to bring the art of songwriting from the campus, the community, and beyond into focus via a live artist showcase series. This event is a special finale with a renowned visiting singer-songwriter leading a workshop and performance. Curated by Chance Emerson '23.5.

Black Music Lab Concert
Date: April 12, 2024
Location: William Riley Hall, The Lindemann Performing Arts Center
Curated by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, Assistant Professor | Department of Music

A one-night concert that celebrates the compositions of a group of exceptional faculty members from Brown and other peer institutions who study and perform Black music. Curated by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo (Assistant Professor, Department of Music, who performs as SΔMMUS).

Practice Rooms: Art in the Social Sphere
Date: April 16-17, 2024
Location: Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Curated by the Visual Arts Department

Practice Rooms: Art in the Social Sphere is a two day symposium led by Brown University’s Visual Art department, as part of the Brown Arts IGNITE series. The program features artists whose multidisciplinary practices extend beyond art objects, into the realm of social engagement. Moderated by curator Diya Vij from Creative Time, the opening public panel, featuring Chloe Bass, Christy Chan, An Duplan, Shey Rivera Ríos and Vatic Kuumba, provides an introductory discussion on contemporary practices that push genres and boundaries between audience and participant. The Wednesday workshops, each taking place in a different "practice room" within the BAI, allows an opportunity to interact with each artist and connect with their practice on a more intimate level. The culminating event will be an artist talk given by artist and craftsperson, Tanya Aguiñiga.

Presence: A Womanist Love Song to Black Fathers
Date: April 20-May 5, 2024 
Location: Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Curated by Mariahadessa Tallie, Ph.D Candidate | TAPS

An interdisciplinary multimedia exhibition that invites Black fathers in Rhode Island to represent their relationships with their fathers and children through objects, stories, videos, songs, recipes, and photographs. Curated by Mariahadessa Tallie (Ph.D. candidate, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies) and featuring work by Aarin Clemons, Joshua Wynn, Bruno Gonçalves, Dominique Sindayiganza, and Chachi Carvalho.

Providence Garden Blues
Date: May 23, 2024
Location: George Houston Bass Performing Arts Space (BassPAS), Churchill House
Written by George Houston Bass
Reimagined by Lisa Biggs, Assistant Professor | Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theatre
Directed by Jackie Davis
Featuring original music by Akua Naru and Becky Bass'13

A celebration and staged reading of The Providence Garden Blues, a 1970s play written by George Houston Bass. Based on true events drawn from oral histories with local seniors, The Providence Garden Blues recounts one African American family's fight to stop the destruction of their home on the city's historic Eastside. 

Ecoperformance Film Festival
Date: June 4-6, 2024
Location: Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Curated by Julie Dind, Ph.D. Candidate, TAPS; Inga Chinilina, Ph.D. Candidate, Music; and Rolf Gerstlauer, Professor, at Oslo School of Architecture and Design

A three-day event consisting of a multimedia collaborative performance featuring dance, Rhode Island community-created footage, and interactive and spatial audio; screenings of eco-performance films created by local and international artists; and a roundtable including the founders of the International Ecoperformance Festival in Brazil. Curated by Julie Dind (butoh performer, interdisciplinary artist, and Ph.D. candidate, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies), Inga Chinilina (composer, pianist, and Ph.D. candidate, Music and Multimedia Composition), and Rolf Gerstlauer (architect, filmmaker, multimedia artist, and professor at Oslo School of Architecture and Design).

Elemental Media Conference
Department of Modern Culture and Media IGNITE Series Event
Date: October 16-18, 2024
Location: Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Curated by Macarena Gómez-Barris, Chair and Professor | Modern Culture and Media

A broad-reaching series of reading groups, panels, and community-building activities, culminating in the Media Ecologies and Infrastructures Conference, focusing on the relationship between climate, justice, and new approaches to change and adaptation, and aiming to ignite and expand how we perceive and understand the enlivened environmental media arts. Curated by Macarena Gómez-Barris (Chair and Professor, Modern Culture and Media).

The 21st Century Orchestra
October 25-27, 2024
Location The Lindemann Main Hall
Curated by Eric Nathan Associate Professor, Music; Anthony Cheung, Associate Professor, Music; Wang Lu Associate Professor, Music; and Butch Rovan, Professor, Music

A two-day festival featuring performances, talks, and an inaugural recording release highlighting innovative new orchestral music created by Brown composers that celebrate The Lindemann Performing Arts Center as a premiere site for orchestral performance and recording. Curated by Eric Nathan (composer and associate professor, Music), Anthony Cheung (composer and associate professor, Music), Wang Lu (composer and associate professor, Music), and Butch Rovan (composer/media artist and professor, Music) with The Boston Modern Orchestra (BMOP).

Residual Noise Conference
October 30-November 3, 2024
The Lindemann Main Hall, Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Curated by Ed Osborn, Professor | Music and Visual Art

Three performance-residencies including local and legendary artists that cross disciplinary boundaries to explore ways in which music forms community, cultivates creative expression, and examines the relationship of humans to their physical and spiritual environments.

Queer Durations Symposium
December 5-7, 2024
Location: Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Curated by the Department of Theater Arts and Performance Studies

A multidisciplinary scholarly, curatorial, and artistic project and festival of durational performance works, investigating duration as an aesthetic mode in contemporary body-based performance art, and as a powerful framework for recent artistic investigations of queerness of embodiment.

In Development

Department of Literary Arts IGNITE Series Event

A series of events highlighting the work of writers, artists, and poets around themes of ecoarts and ecopoetics; writing and improvisational performance;  the intersections of literary art and music; and collaborative literary artists in performance.

The Move on ChinaTown
Curated by Aidan Choi '26

A pop-up exhibition/archival oral research project aimed at documenting and highlighting the history of Providence’s Chinese communities, revealing the city’s active, dehumanizing and exclusionary attitude towards these communities. Curated by Aidan Choi ’26 with mentorship by Jeffrey Yoo Warren (2023 Library of Congress Innovator in Residence).

Creative Ecologies in the Americas
Curated by Macarena Gómez-Barris, Chair and Professor, Modern Culture and Media and Leila Lehnen, Chair and Associate Professor, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

A series of lectures, film screenings, workshops, performances, and publications that draw upon rich traditions within North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean that emphasize collective modes of producing (knowledge, art, everyday life) that do not separate human histories and experiences from a more-than-human world. Curated by Macarena Gómez-Barris (Chair and Professor, Modern Culture and Media) and Leila Lehnen (Chair and Associate Professor, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies).

Concluded Projects

November 6, 13, & 20, 2023 (Concluded)
A selection of films from across the African continent and diaspora that contend with the social and political dimensions of Racial Ecologies.
January 27, 2024 (Concluded)
A developmental workshop and invited sharing of a new play.
February 17, 2024
Rooted in Japanese drumming traditions and pioneered by transnational Asian and Asian American communities, taiko is now a global phenomena.