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International Ecoperformance Film Festival: Rhode Island Edition

June 4-6, 2024
An artistic response to the eco-political challenges of the 21st century

An IGNITE Series Campus Project

Curated by Julie Dind, Ph.D. Candidate, TAPS; Inga Chinilina, Ph.D. Candidate, Music; and Rolf Gerstlauer, architect/filmmaker, Professor, at Oslo School of Architecture and Design; in collaboration with Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek, founders and organizers of the INTERNATIONAL ECOPERFORMANCE FILM-FESTIVAL, Saō Paulo, Brazil

Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

  • Opening Reception

  • Screening- Selections for the 4th International Ecoperformance Film Festival in Sao Paulo Brazil

  • Panel Discussion

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

  • Screening- Selections from Rhode Island and Massachusetts Filmmakers

  • Roundtable Discussion

Thursday, June 6, 2024

  • Live multimedia performance created by Julie Dind, Inga Chinilina and Rolf Gerstlauer with media contributions from Rhode Islanders

  • Closing Reception and Award Ceremony

*Reservations for all events will become available at a later date.

Film/Media Submissions


The INTERNATIONAL ECOPERFORMANCE FILM FESTIVAL is an artistic response to the eco-political challenges of the 21st century. Situated at the intersection of cinema, performing arts, and ecology, the festival promotes 'short films' (3 to 25 min.) of interdisciplinary artists who investigate the tensions between environment, body, ancestry, and memory in natural, urban, and virtual landscapes. Since 2021, the festival has exhibited around 150 ecopoet[h]ic films created by established and emerging artists from 48 countries.

Ecoperformance is a concept coined by the Brazilian choreographer and director Maura Baiocchi. Ecoperformance understands environment and body as inseparable dimensions of performative creation. In ecoperformances, the environment constitutes a living play of interactive presences and forces, among which the human body. Therefore, ecoperformances and ecoperformance films move towards non-anthropocentric forms of dramaturgy.

In 2024, the fourth festival edition will take place in 4 countries:

May 30-June 2: Cine Satyros Bijou – São Paulo, Brazil
June 4-6: Brown Arts Institute - Brown University, Providence, US
June 7-9: Montfleuri sur Mer - Pinamar, Argentina
June 14-16: Teatro Tole Tole - Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 11-14: Nation Center for Dance Bucharest - Bucharest, Romania
June (to be announced): Of Potters' Demons - Text, Performance and Image Lab, Paris, France

For this IGNITE Series Campus Project, the curators organize an offshoot of the International Ecoperformance Film Festival for a special Rhode Island Edition. The aim is to introduce the concept of ecoperformance to the local community through three days of events including a screening of the films from the 4th International Ecoperformance Film-Festival, and the presentation of a selection of local ecoperformance films focusing on Rhode Island and Massachusetts environments.

The Rhode Island Edition of the Festival will also guest roundtable discussions with the curator group, local artists, as well as the founders of the International Ecoperformance Film Festival Maura: Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek. The three days of events will culminate in a live interdisciplinary (eco)performance inspired by community-sourced nature footage.

International Coordinators

Julie Dind, Rolf Gerstlauer, and Inga Chinilina in collaboration with Brown Arts Institute as part of the inaugural Brown Arts IGNITE Series (Providence, US)
Rodrigo Marco del Pont, Daniel Deybe (Montfleuri sur Mer, Pinamar)
Martín Marcou, Gonzalo Pérez (Teatro Tole Tole, Buenos Aires)
Anton Bonnici (Paris)
Alina Tofan (PlasticPlastic Performing Arts Collective, Bucharest)

The International Ecoperformance Film Festival is a Taanteatro Companhia Project founded and lead by Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek.


Header photo from the movie “Living Water” (Brazil, 2022) by artistic director Eva Santoro (Brazil) - courtesy of the International Ecoperformance Film Festival, São Paulo, Brazil.

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