Brown Arts

Martinos Auditorium

A 200-seat musical performance and screening venue


The Martinos Auditorium serves as both a performance venue for small to mid-sized musical events, and as a 35mm and digital screening facility. The space is available for large classes, performances, lectures, and other special events. It can accommodate approximately 200 audience members and may only be reserved for events that expect an audience of at least 75 people.

Due to fire safety regulations, audience members may not stand or sit in the auditorium window bays, on the stairs or aisles. For events with more than 50 people, the event organizer (or designee) must read the fire safety announcement, provided by BAI staff, at the start of the event.

Martinos Auditorium at a Glance

Room Number: 110
Capacity: 200
ADA Accessibility: Yes (4 seats)
Assisted Listening: Yes

Installed Equipment: 


  • Console: Ion 1500 with 2x10 fader wing and touch screens
  • Dimmers: 80 - 2.4k ETC Sensor


  • Film Projector: Kinnoton 35mm, 5000m Reels
  • Digital Projector: Christie CP2210 2048x1080 resolution 12,000 lumens
  • Screen: Retractable Stewart 30'w x 12.5'h Cinemascope screen with adjustable masking
  • Sources: Dolby Digital Cinema System, Oppo BDP-83 Blu-Ray, HDMI, VGA, Composite Video, and S-Video connections in control booth; VGA, Composite Video, and S-Video in 3 on stage floor boxes


  • Mixers: Yamaha DM1000, LS9, or M7CL, Mackie analog boards also available
  • Installed Front Speakers: LCR-Meyer UPJ-1P Sub: Meyer UMS-1P
  • Rollout Cinema Speakers: 3x QSC SC-323 Sub: QSC SB-7118
  • Surround Speakers: 9x QSC AD-S82H
  • Microphones (wireless, tabletop, podium)


  • Steinway Concert D Grand Piano
  • Note: When it is not needed for performance or rehearsal, the instrument is stored backstage. Students or faculty wishing to make use of the piano for an event must make arrangements with BAI staff; there is a piano tuning fee of $125. Any student requesting use of the piano must have a faculty sponsor. The user is responsible for any damages incurred to the piano during rehearsal or performance. Works for prepared piano are not allowed. Only BAI staff may move the piano.


  • Green Room and Lavatory
  • Small Backstage with limited, short-term storage


  • Food or drink in the Martinos Auditorium is prohibited
  • Posting signage or decoration on the walls is prohibited


Users wishing to employ a projection method which requires access to the projection booth must hire a certified projectionist. Contact information for the Granoff Center’s projectionist will be provided by BAI Staff.


The Granoff Center does have the capability to simulcast events from the auditorium to other spaces in the building. If simulating is requested, event organizers must establish a demonstrated need for simulcasting 3 weeks prior to the event date. Space for the simulcast must be confirmed by the BAI, and a Facilities Order must be placed for chair set up (if necessary). Simulcasting before 5pm M-F to the Living Rooms is not permitted. Events wishing to simulcast must make arrangements with the Department of Public Safety for at least 2 guards – one to man the auditorium entry to ensure no further entry, and a second (or third, depending on how many spaces you have reserved for simulcasting) to man the area(s) to which the event is being simulcast.


The Granoff Center does not maintain an in-house box office. We recommend that all events taking place in the Martinos Auditorium employ a crowd control/ticketing strategy, such as Eventbrite. The Program Manager can assist you in developing an appropriate crowd/control strategy.