Brown Arts Institute

Grants for Faculty

Fixed Deadlines

Brown Arts Institute Lawton Wehle Fitt ’74 Artist-in-Residence Grants provide funding to support on-site artist residencies of one week or longer.

Rolling Deadlines

BAI specifically looks to help develop projects that explore social and public space, ad hoc audiences, ephemeral and performative work, and creative deployment of visual and audio experiences. Support could include help planning and promoting a project, guidance navigating any logistical issues around permitting or use of space, or preparing for the unexpected. Apply here.

Collaborations allow for faculty, departments and student groups to push beyond the typical boundaries of their work through the development of unusual and unexpected partnerships that couldn’t happen otherwise. BAI supports collaborations through the use of space and equipment at Granoff Center, and providing event staffing and production support to bring exciting projects to fruition. Apply here.

BAI prioritizes projects at the intersection of journalism, creative nonfiction, documentary, film/video, podcasts, new media and any other idea imaginable. Share your idea and project outline to see how BAI may be able to help you take your work to the next level. Apply here.

BAI emboldens faculty and student curation by encouraging on-campus conversations with visiting artists, presentation and discussion through screenings, panels, festivals and more. BAI can provide space and planning support, and help guide selected curation projects in areas such as budgeting, travel, contracts, etc. nb: Bell Gallery is not an available site for curation proposals. Apply here.

Want to do something that seems to stretch the horizon? BAI wants to support you! Share your ideas and let’s start the conversation. Apply here.

Hear it from the source! BAI supports bringing practicing artists and arts-scholars to campus for classroom visits and student engagement opportunities through the Guest Artist Fund. BAI can help cover honoraria for guest artists and potentially provide space for the visit if needed. Priority deadline for Fall semester is June 1 priority deadline for Spring Semester is October 1. Remaining funds will be allocated on a rolling basis. Apply here.

BAI encourages campus-based faculty and students to engage with Providence and Rhode Island in as wide a range of creative ways as possible. Apply here. Impactful projects could include:

  • Workshop

  • Semester-long course or GISP

  • Community Project

  • Other

BAI offers Summer/Winter Residencies for faculty and graduate students needing space, time, resources and a jolt of energy to propel their work to the next stage. These short-term residencies allow faculty members and graduate students to use Granoff resources for targeted purposes beyond the academic calendar to dive deeper, think bigger and experiment longer. Residents are provided studio space and access to equipment for one to eight weeks during winter or summer break. Applicants may need to complete a technical training and/or orientation prior to the start of the residency. Apply here.

Space/equipment available:

  • Motion Capture

  • VR/Digital Media

  • Physical Media Lab

  • Recording Studio

  • Fishman Studio

  • Englander Studio