Brown Arts

Marie, It's Time

A new play by Julia Jarcho

Brown Arts Institute proudly supports Julia Jarcho's, Marie, It's Time, a f*cked-up mixtape about love, motherhood, and violence. A fresh stab at Woyzeck that collides song and text, Marie It’s Time pumps hot blood through the veins of theater’s favorite murder-victim. Julia Jarcho, an Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and Head of Playwriting, joins Jennifer Seastone onstage to fight for the role of Marie, Büchner’s doomed baby mama, as the director and star of her own seduction.

A three-person play with songs staged as a rock show, Marie It’s Time features Kedian Keohan as Major, the backbeat and object of lust. Directed by Ásta Bennie Hostetter, with original music composition by Julia Jarcho and Jeff Aaron Bryant, sound design from Ben Williams and Elliot Yokum, set design by Meredith Ries, costume design by Hahnji Jang, and lighting design by Ebony Burton.

Limited run September 7-23, 2022 at HERE Arts Center, 145 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013.