Brown Arts

Global C.A.F.E.

July 13, 2024
A concert experience featuring Rhode Island musician Chachi Carvalho

Global C.A.F.E. Design

Headliner: June Freedom

Featuring: Chachi Carvalho and the International Players, Mango + Ginger, Black Indigo Orchestra, Nino Francis, and Reggie ‘Regg Roc’ Gray and the D.R.E.A.M. Ring.


July 13, 2024, 5 PM - 9 PM


The Lindemann Performing Arts Center: Main Hall, Lobby, and outdoor Tribune

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Global C.A.F.E. is a concert experience “Celebrating Art From Everywhere” in collaboration with musicians, dancers, and DJs celebrating hip-hop, Afro-house, Cape Verdean, Latin, and Brazilian music.


“ Come on out to The Lindemann and enjoy a celebration of art like no other! ”

Chachi Carvalho

About the Artists

Headshot of June Freedom
Courtesy of the artist
June Freedom

Trailblazing Afro/alt-pop artist, June Freedom, seamlessly weaves together the diverse cultural tapestry of his upbringing, split between Boston and the Cape Verde Islands. His musical journey is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of his family's native land, where he spent his formative years immersed in the vibrant sounds of the Cape Verdean music scene. Living on the volcanic island of Fogo, June found himself enveloped in an environment teeming with raw live music, exhilarating recreational activities like horseback riding and surfing, and the invigorating spirit that comes from living in such a dynamic setting.

While his roots are firmly planted in the island culture of Cape Verde, June's artistic evolution took shape in the multicultural melting pot of the United States. Singing effortlessly in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Kriolu, he embodies the essence of cultural fusion, weaving together a sonic landscape that is uniquely his own. It was this distinctive blend of American and Afro-Latin music forms that not only caught the attention of industry heavyweights, such as Akon and Jerry Wonda, but also catapulted him onto the global stage. 

June's groundbreaking debut album, Anchor Baby, ranked #1 on Apple Music’s Top 100 CV chart and garnered widespread critical acclaim, solidifying his status as Cape Verde's leading breakthrough artist of the decade. This monumental achievement was further underscored by his win of two Cabo Verde Music Awards at the nation's prestigious annual ceremony in 2022. The album's success resonated deeply with Cape Verdeans worldwide, who hailed it as an instant classic. On the anniversary of his inaugural album, June released a restructured Anchor Baby (Deluxe), showcasing his penchant for pushing musical boundaries even further. With a growing fanbase, which has exceeded 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, and over 152.7 million streams across all platforms, June is reaching new horizons. Standout tracks like "YSL" continue to resonate with audiences worldwide, further diversifying his fanbase across English, Latin, and French-speaking cultures.

Far from resting on his laurels, June's recent signings with EMPIRE's label division and CAA signal the dawn of a new chapter in his international career. His highly anticipated sophomore album, 7 SEAS, has garnered even further editorial acclaim and brand appeal—notable sponsorships includes Clarks Originals, Samsung, SHURE, Puma, Bayab Gin, Pandora, and Monster Energy. This unwavering momentum has been punctuated by his career-first European tour, where his transformative stage presence drew comparisons to legends like Prince. With each stop on the 7 SEAS Tour, June Freedom's star continued to rise, reaffirming his status as a visionary artist poised to leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

Headshot of Black Indigo Orchestra
Courtesy of the artist
Black Indigo Orchestra

Black Indigo Orchestra (BiO) is a sonic passport to the musical diaspora, an instrumental exploration of the ancient drum, a fusion of live instrumentation and state of the art technology. BiO is an exploration of ancestral rhythm, every song feeling like a ritual, a sound bath for the dance floor of life’s infinite celebration. The music navigates through emotional valleys in mesmerizing rhythmic sweeps. Every frequency is intentionally arranged, a balance of high and low creating a vessel for us to connect with ourselves and each other. Incorporating live violins, guitar, bass, horns, percussion, keys, field recordings with vintage synths, studio hardware and contemporary tech-driven mixing / mastering. BiO stands at the intersection of traditional and modern iterations of dance, ushering in a living, worldly sound to electronic music. Debuting in the summer of 2024 with the single 'Bare With Me', ahead of their debut album set to release in Autumn 2024 via Virgin Music Group.

Headshot of Mango and Ginger
Courtesy of the artist
Mango & Ginger

Simone and Bianca, known as Mango and Ginger, are a dynamic DJ duo based in LA celebrated for their vibrant energy and diverse musical influences. Hailing from Brazil, they infuse their Afro/Indigenous-Latin heritage into their performances, creating an exhilarating and distinctive experience. Beyond music, they express their creativity through fashion and aesthetics, crafting unique looks that reflect their individuality.

Often mistaken for sisters, Simone and Bianca have been inseparable best friends since 2016, a bond that is evident in their synchronized performances behind the decks. In 2019, Bianca (Ginger) honed her skills at the Beats Junkie Institute, and in 2021, she shared her expertise with Simone, teaching her to DJ. This collaboration inspired them to officially join forces as a DJ duo, believing that two talents combined are stronger than one.

They are forging a multifaceted brand as artists and creatives, carving out their own distinctive niche. Simone and Bianca are eager to share their passion and vision with the world, promising an exciting journey ahead. Behind the decks, their presence radiates her profound love and respect for music, creating an immersive experience that reflects her deep musical roots and artistic vision.

Simone, also known as Mango, hails from the East Coast, raised by Brazilian immigrant parents whose influence is unmistakable in her upbringing. Drawing heavily from her cultural roots, she infuses their sets with a strong baile funk vibe, complemented by other genres from the Afro and Latino diaspora. Beyond her musical talents, Simone is a versatile creative force, leveraging her expertise as a clothing designer and seamstress to curate their distinctive wardrobe, adding another dimension to their artistic expression.

Bianca, also known as KA, is a native of Los Angeles and forms half of the DJ duo Mango & Ginger. Her deep passion for music led her to become a dedicated record collector since 2012. This passion culminated in her decision to pursue DJing, which she formalized by attending the Beat Junkies Institute of Sound in 2019.

Bianca's sonic inspirations span a diverse range, drawing from jazz, underground hip hop, soul, Latin, Caribbean, and the Afro diaspora. Raised by immigrant parents of Brazilian and Nicaraguan descent, her cultural background profoundly influences her musical style, infusing it with rich cultural elements and vibrant energy.

Headshot of Nino Francis
Courtesy of the artist
Nino Francis

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Headshot of Reggie Roc
Courtesy of the artist
Reggie ‘Regg Roc’ Gray and the D.R.E.A.M. Ring

The D.R.E.A.M. Ring Inc. (Dance Rules Everything Around Me) is a Brooklyn-based performance and competition company founded in 2011 by Reggie Gray and Jason Cust. Dedicated to promoting the Flexn dance style, the organization provides vocational, artistic, cultural, and social services to underserved dancers worldwide. Through global tours, school performances, and after-school programs, The D.R.E.A.M. Ring offers youth a safe environment to express their creativity. The company also supports professional development by teaching social media marketing, branding, and dance video production, helping young artists build successful careers in the dance industry.

With a vision of uniting communities through dance, The D.R.E.A.M. Ring inspires and educates through interactive workshops, community forums, and battle showcases. The company’s performances have been featured at prestigious venues and festivals worldwide, including the Park Avenue Armory, Manchester International Festival, and Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival. Widely covered in notable publications like The New York Times and Dance Magazine, The D.R.E.A.M. Ring continues to redefine the cultural and educational landscape by fostering diversity, innovation, and community engagement in the arts.

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A Message from Chachi

Chachi Carvalho on stage with a mic

Culminating Chachi Carvalho's Artistic Innovators Residency

September 2023 - July 2024
A long-term building of connections between students, faculty, surrounding communities, and a global network of artists and producers through music.

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