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Brown Arts IGNITE Series: Open Call! 


The new Lindemann Performing Arts Center opens with the inaugural Brown Arts IGNITE Series in October 2023

Concept Proposals for Spring 2024 IGNITE Series events are due by April 13, 2023

“Art is not simply entertainment. It is a catalyst for creativity, discovery, and innovation that helps us better understand the world around us.”

Christina Paxson President

Nearly a decade ago, on the 250th anniversary of its founding, Brown developed a strategic plan in which “Cultivating Creative Expression” was identified as an institutional priority. Since that time, considerable progress has been made to establish the arts as both a key academic pillar at Brown and a national model of integrative, interdisciplinary teaching, scholarship, and practice. In Fall 2023, the Brown community will celebrate yet another remarkable milestone for the arts: the opening of The Lindemann Performing Arts Center.

In the spirit of collaboration, Brown celebrates the opening of The Lindemann not as a single event, but as a multi-semester series of activations, interventions, and investigations produced by creative communities across Brown and beyond. The Brown Arts IGNITE Series - launching in October 2023 (aligned with the public opening of The Lindemann) and running through December 2024 - will demonstrate to national, and indeed global, audiences the high ambitions, creative curiosity, and dedication to meaningful social impact that Brown University is able to express through this extraordinary new arts venue.

“The arts...provide essential uplift, solidarity, and catharsis. They can also offer us fresh perspectives, provide unexpected tools for survival or inspire radical transformation. ”

Avery Willis Hoffman Artistic Director, Brown Arts Institute (BAI)

To this end, the Brown Arts IGNITE Series proposes that art, artists, and artistic projects, along with arts-based research, can brilliantly lead the next phase of campus-wide thinking around all of the key integrative themes  - “important to society, now and in the future”.

Concept Proposals via Google Form Application for Spring 2024 IGNITE Series events are due by April 13, 2023