Leslie Bostrom, "Big Print", Spring 2016

Who we are


The Brown Arts Initiative comprises six academic departments and two affiliated programs in the performing, literary and visual arts:

BAI Executive Committee

The BAI is governed by an active Executive Committee, whose members meet regularly to inform and guide its programmatic direction, including:

  • Joseph Butch Rovan, Professor of Music; Faculty Director, BAI and Chair, BAI Executive Committee
  • Karen Allen Baxter, Senior Managing Director, Rites and Reason Theatre
  • Janet Blume, Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty, Associate Professor of Engineering and Interim Chair, Literary Arts Department
  • Sheila Bonde, Professor of History of Art and Architecture, and Professor of Archaeology, and Chair, History of Art and Architecture Department
  • Leslie Bostrom, Professor and Chair, Visual Arts Department
  • Jo-Ann Conklin, Director, David Winton Bell Gallery
  • Lynne Joyrich, Professor and Chair, Modern Culture and Media Department
  • Todd Winkler, Professor and Chair, Music Department
  • Patricia Ybarra, Associate Professor and Chair, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Department

Ex officio

Granoff Center

Brown University
154 Angell Street, Providence, RI

Mailing Address

Brown University
Campus Box 1987
Providence, RI, 02912