Teaching at Granoff

Spaces in the Granoff Center provide the capability to support a wide range of courses offered by Brown's arts and other departments. Courses may be scheduled in the Martinos Auditorium, Englander Studio, Kooper Studio, Studio 4, Khoo Multimedia Lab, Cogut Physical Media Lab, Recording Studio, and Convivium. For more information about each of these, please click on Spaces in the menu at right.

Faculty wishing to teach in the Granoff Center must fill out a Course Proposal Form; please review the Teaching at Granoff information in the menu at right. Information on courses held in the Granoff Center during the current semester can be found here.

Please note that spaces in the Granoff Center are shared with other classes and events. At the end of a class or an event, the space should be cleaned and returned to its original configuration. If you require a special, extended set-up, please coordinate with BAI staff. On occasion, faculty members will be allowed to leave a set-up for their class in a shared space, provided it will not interfere with other classes' ability to use the room. These set-ups should not be disturbed by other faculty or students. If an approved set-up is interfering with other coursework, please contact BAI staff.

The BAI requires a copy of each course's syllabus and a complete roster of students no later than two (2) weeks after the start of classes. The class roster will be used to authorize student's use of the Granoff Audio-Visual Check-Out Equipment Program. Students not on the list will not be permitted to check out equipment.

Security | Access

All of the rooms available for class meetings are on a card-access system, with the exception of the Convivium, which is accessed via key. Rooms will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to the start of a class, and will lock 15 minutes after the end of a class. If an instructor would like to make arrangements for a different lock/unlock schedule, s/he should contact BAI staff.

Faculty and teaching assistants will be given card access to the room(s) in which their class(es) meet.


Most of the spaces in the Granoff Center have a built-in audio video system, controlled by a Crestron touchscreen, similar to other spaces on campus. BAI staff will schedule a tutorial for instructors and teaching assistants on usage of the audio-visual system at the beginning of each semester.

If a class requires AV equipment and set-up beyond the installed system, please contact BAI staff at least one (1) week prior to class meeting.

Laptops and/or computer workstations are not provided in production spaces. Instructors teaching in Granoff or their home departments should arrange to provide any necessary computer(s).

Equipment Check-Out

The Granoff Center has a limited supply of cameras and video and audio recorders that are only available to students taking class at the Granoff Center who are enrolled in the AV equipment borrowing program. Please see your instructor for information about access to AV equipment. Please click on the menu at right for additional information.

The hours for the Equipment Check-out room, S302, will be posted at the start of each semester.


Each Granoff space has suitable lighting for class meetings and video presentations. Touch screens or button panels provide control for fluorescent lighting. A tutorial for lighting control will be provided along with AV system training.

Theatrical lighting should not be used for regular class meetings, unless it is a course which incorporates stage lighting in its curriculum. The bulbs in these lights have a short life-span, are expensive to replace, and consume much more power to operate compared to the long-life fluorescents. The theatrical lights should only be used for presentations and special events.

Course-Related Presentations | Special Events

If a class requires additional space or time beyond the regularly scheduled class meeting for a presentation or special event (i.e., midterm or final presentation, special project, visiting artist, etc.), please request the desired space as early as possible. For more information, see Space Requests.


Granoff spaces have a fixed number of tables and chairs to accommodate a typical class. This furniture can be rearranged according to the needs of the class. However, please restore it to its standard configuration at the end of each class. A diagram is posted in each room.

When moving furniture, please note the following:

  • Do not block any doors or egress pathways with furniture or other materials. This is prohibited by Rhode Island State law.

  • Please make sure that furniture is not stored directly against windows. Most windows in the Granoff Center have light-blocking shades that can be damaged by collisions with furniture or other materials.

  • Ensure table wheels are unlocked before moving. Sliding tables with wheels locked will damage floors, as well as the wheels.


Limited storage space is available for class materials. Storage requests should be noted on the Course Proposal Form. Unless special arrangements have been made, storing materials in any space between class meetings is not permitted, both for security reasons and as a courtesy to other classes sharing the space.


Instructors must advise BAI staff if any chemicals will be used during class. Brown’s EHS policies must be followed at all times regarding, but not limited to: storage and handling of substances, hazard communication, personal protective equipment and waste disposal. A Material Safety Data Sheet must be provided for any chemical used in the Granoff Center.

Use of messy materials like paint or sand must be discussed in advance with BAI staff in order to determine appropriate protective measures. A custodial clean-up may be required.

Hanging | Installing Materials on Walls

Two- and three-dimensional work may be hung on painted walls, but care should be taken not to damage walls. Strong adhesives will damage wall surfaces. Any holes or damage must be restored (patched and painted) by the installer. Please see art installation guidelines for complete instructions.

Temperature | Climate Control

Some climate control adjustment is possible via wall mounted thermostats in the spaces. If the room temperature is consistently uncomfortable, please contact BAI staff, who will contact Brown Facilities.

Please note: External shades on the Granoff Center are deployed automatically each day during warmer months to reduce heat build-up from afternoon sun. This significantly lowers the amount of air-conditioning needed to maintain a comfortable temperature. These shades are not manually controllable from within the Granoff Center.

Special Accommodations

  • Studio 1 is not available for recurring classes. Instructors may request to hold a particular class meeting in Studio 1 (i.e., to accommodate a visiting artist). This should be done as early as possible following the Space Request procedures.

  • Courses in the Martinos Auditorium may not be not be scheduled after 12:00pm on Thursdays. Friday class meetings are not available.

  • Instructors wishing to teach in the Cogut Physical Media Lab must sign up for safety training with the Department of Environmental Health and Safety before the start of classes.


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