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Film Resources

Online Tutorial and Workshops

View pre-recorded conversations and tutorials with industry professionals.
The Multimedia Labs (or MMLs for short) provide the Brown community with inclusive, adaptive, and experimental spaces across campus that are equipped with the technological and innovative support needed to inspire creative digital production and facilitate the vision of our community.

Film Archives and Collections

This guide includes links to the Library's streaming film databases, information on searching the catalog for specific DVDs, film reference and research resources, as well as information on how films are permitted to be used by members of the Brown community (public performance rights).
MCM houses an expansive collection of film, television, and video materials covering both U.S. and international media. Catalogued separately from the University’s library and museum holdings, this archive includes 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm films totalling 3,600,000 feet; Betacam SP, ¾” U-matic, VHS, Laser Disc, DVD, and Blu-ray videos; as well as media in several other formats. Access to the database is available by request.
Over 3,000 French and francophone films have been collected with help from the Sevaux family fund, French and Francophone Studies, the Rockefeller library and private donors. The film collection is now housed in the Rockefeller Library and/or requested through the Rock for pick up.

Student Groups

The Ivy League's largest student-run film production club. Use the link to learn more or email
Held annually since 2001 in a week-long April event, Ivy Film Festival has grown to become the largest student-run film festival in the world. Festival Week features advanced screenings of feature films, panels, keynotes, workshops, and masterclasses with some of the most highly regarded professionals in the industry.
Magic Lantern Cinema is a graduate student-run experimental film curation nonprofit based in Providence, Rhode Island (USA).

Department of Modern Culture and Media

MCM is committed to the study of media in the context of the broader examination of modern cultural and social formations. The department includes a robust curriculum dedicated to not only cinema studies but also film production. There are many courses, for instance, on film theory, specific filmmakers, filmmaking, and related topics such as television. An integral part of the department and resource for eligible students is its two production studios, an editing suite, and their requisite equipment: film and video cameras, sound recording decks, light kits, software, etc. 

There are many exciting things happening in the MCM archive as well. In the summer of 2021, the department acquired a 16mm film scanner and digital inspection station. MCM is beta testing this machine thanks to a partnership with Filmic Technologies. The new scanner will also be used by students in 16mm film production courses, as well as in the Fall 2021 course MCM 0700D: Introduction to Film Preservation and Restoration, taught by the MCM archivist. The MCM Archives also holds and maintains a “fleet” of 16mm film projectors. They are the only 16mm projectors available at Brown. The MCM archivist trains students in 16mm projection and also offers their services to others in the Brown community who wish to project 16mm films in their classrooms, or for special events.  To schedule a visit to the MCM Archives, please contact the MCM Archivist