Brown Arts Institute

Alumni Screening Collection

Brown Arts Institute is excited to announce the Alumni Screening Collection featuring films created by alumni from throughout the University. The Screening Collection is a new endeavor started in July 2021 with the hope of expanding the offerings throughout the 2021 - 2022 academic year. BAI will periodically highlight new additions, but we encourage you to check back to see the growing collection. 

Interested in having your work in the collection? Read on to learn more.

BAI welcomes all alumni to submit their film work for inclusion in the collection. Please note, alumni will need to hold the legal right to share the film. Documentaries, narratives, shorts, features, animations and experimental films are all welcome.

BAI uses the screening platform Eventive to host films. Eventive provides secure screenings and all files are encrypted. Films are made available to audiences on demand for a duration of time determine by the filmmaker. When submitting a film for the collection, the filmmaker will indicate when, and for how long, they would like the work available.

All screenings in the Alumni Collection are made available for free to audiences. To note, audiences will need to create a free account to access films. 

Interested filmmakers are encouraged to submit the Alumni Screening Collection form. The form requests information about how to credit the film, an image that can be used for publicity, a brief synopsis and details about when the film should be shown. Once the form is submitted, filmmakers will receive an email from Eventive with information about how to safely upload their file directly to the screening platform. 

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