Brown Arts Institute


Film Courses 

Film-related courses can be found in Departments throughout the University. For more information, see Departments of Interest below or [email protected]

    • HMAN 1971S Introduction to iPhone/iPad Moviemaking Using 3-D and 360 VR Comparisons
    • LITR 0110E Screenwriting I
    • LITR 1010E Advanced Screenwriting
    • LITR 1110S Fiction into Film
    • LITR 1110U Script to Screen, Fundamentals of Filmmaking
    • MCM 0700D Introduction to Film Preservation and Restoration
    • MCM 0710A Introduction to Filmic Practice: Time and Form
    • MCM 0750E Listening Beyond the Browerscape
    • MCM 0780A Soundtracks: Sound Production and Visual Media
    • MCM 1700F Theory for Practice/Practice as Theory
    • MCM 1701G Text in Time-based Art
    • MCM 1701R Script, Cut, Repeat, Break: Critical Theory, Black Feminist Thought, Time-based Art 
    • MCM 1701I Digital Worlding: Terraforming Future, Fact, Fiction, and Fabulation
    • MCM 1701S Anti-Social Reproduction: Art, Activism and the Question of Reproductive Labor
    • TAPS 1285 Film Acting
    • ANTH 1253 The Visual in Anthropology: Documentary Films and Society
    • COLT 1440P Nationalism and Transnationalism in Film and Fiction
    • EAST 1270 China through the Lens: History, Cinema, and Critical Discourse
    • ENGL 0151A Hitchcock!
    • ENGL 1761D Hollywood and American Modernism from FDR to JFK
    • HISP 0650 Advanced Spanish Through Literature & Film
    • HISP 0701B Hispanic Culture through Cinema
    • HIST 1381 Latin American History and Film: Memory, Narrative and Nation
    • ITAL 1030B Modernity, Italian Style
    • MCM 1204J A New Black Gaze
    • MCM 1204Y Star Studies and Golden Age Hollywood
    • MCM 1506O Technologies of/and the Body - Mediated Visions
    • MCM 1506X Love Hurts: Romance, Media, Masochism
    • MCM 2120O Concepts of Technology and Media
    • MCM 2310H Television Realities
    • POBS 1800C Constructing Men, Projecting Masculinity: Questioning Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in Brazil
    • TAPS 1380 Mise en Scene
    • TKSH 0720A Understanding Modern Turkey Through Film and Literature