The Granoff Center allows the display of event posters in the Level 2 corridor. All posters and publicity materials must be approved by BAI staff. The Granoff Center will post one poster per event for a two-week period of time. Posters must be submitted to the BAI main office, Room 230, for approval. For events taking place in the Granoff Center, one poster up to 11”x17” can be posted at the both entry locations on the day of the event.  Please do not hang any signs or notices on the walls, doors, stairs, etc. of the Granoff Center. Unapproved signs and posters will be removed.


Event-related signage may be posted in the Granoff Center on the day of an event. Proposed signage and location must be approved by BAI staff in advance of your event.


If you expect press coverage at your event, it is your responsibility to manage the process, in conjunction with the Office of University Communications, as appropriate.


Any events filmed in the Granoff Center should be noted as such in the credits with the line: Filmed at the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts at Brown University. Please consult with BAI to secure the BAI logo mark for use in publicity materials.

BAI Weekly Events E-Newsletter

The BAI publishes a weekly e-newsletter announcing upcoming Brown University arts events. The BAI staff must receive submissions for inclusion in the weekly e-newsletter at least one week before the event date. Please be sure to include the event title, date and time, as well as a brief description of the event.

For more information, please contact Sophia LaCava-Bohanan at sophia_lacava-bohanan [at]


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