YURT project


The Brown Arts Initiative is pleased to help support the following research projects:

The Distributed Gallery

As conceived The Distributed Gallery is the campus-facing front end of the Brown Digital Repository (BDR). It is a wireless network of display stations ("sites") with standard HD flat screens and "stick computers." This network is supported by a suite of web applications that manage databases of sites, users (faculty and staff) and programs. Programs consist in lists of individual presentations, each of which represents a "documentary version" of an item in the BDR. Authenticated users create programs and then assign the programs to any site on the network. The program's presentations are then displayed on the chosen site in a loop. The same web application that queues and displays the presentations also generates a dynamic per-site web page that provides captioning and didactics for the presentations, live. A viewer located at an active site has only to input the site's URL (this can be via scannable QR code) on a mobile device browser in order to read the captioning and didactics.

Project Status
A working prototype of the system has been demo'ed. A beta installation is in progress for the Granoff Center, with expected implementation in Spring 2017.

Project Team Members

  • John Cayley (Professor, Literary Arts)
  • Joseph Rhoads (Library, BDR Manager), handling backend access to the BDR
  • Patrick Rashleigh (Library, Data Visualization Coordinator), working on the web application that displays presentations and captioning
  • Kelly Egan (CIS, Lead Multimedia Coordinator), researching low-cost site hardware (flat screens and stick computers)



Granoff Center

Brown University
154 Angell Street, Providence, RI

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Brown University
Campus Box 1987
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