Cohen & Atrium Galleries

We are currently in the midst of reinstallation of the Granoff Center galleries. Please check back in August to learn about our upcoming exhibition program for FY19.


Simulating Nature
May 17 - Jun 15, 2018
In Simulating Nature, Daniel Miller explores relationships to the natural world through organic systems replicated with the use of robotics, media, electronics and sculpture. The resulting dynamic artworks examine the parallels and incongruities between the human experience and the environment.

White Wanderer
Apr 5 - Jun 1, 2018
Atrium Gallery

The Atrium Gallery features a new audiovisual work by Luftwerk — artistic collaborators Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero — that brings to life the cracking of the Antarctica ice shelf. This exhibition was organized in association with the BAI Spring 2018 symposium Polar Opposites: Creative Interventions in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Open Waters [Northwest Passage & Polar Sea]
Apr 5 - May 6, 2018
Cohen Gallery
Open Waters [Northwest Passage & Polar Sea] is a new work from an ongoing collaboration among visual artist Andrea Wollensak, mathematician and computer scientist Bridget Baird, poet Judith Goldman and sound artist Brett Terry. It uses generative art to explore the rich history of Arctic expeditions and current climate change realities through audio visual events inspired by climate data. This exhibition was also organized in association with the BAI's symposium Polar Opposites.

The Wall
Mar 1 - Mar 23, 2018
Cohen Gallery
The Wall combines sculpture, painting and sound installation to create a complex oral and visual portrait of the border territory between the United States and Mexico. This exhibition of work by Gregory Thielker is a timely examination of border geography and its human conditions.

Spring Arts Fest Exhibition
Mar 1 - Mar 23, 2018
Atrium Gallery
This exhibition, curated by the BAI Student Arts Council in conjunction with the annual Spring Arts Fest, features the work of Brown undergraduate students.

Annual Brown | RISD Dual Degree Exhibition
Jan 24 - Feb 19, 2018
Cohen Gallery
This annual exhibition features work created by undergraduate students who are simultaneously earning degrees from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design.

After Hours: Annual Staff Exhibition
Jan 24 - Feb 22, 2018
Atrium Gallery
After Hours is the 2018 edition of an annual exhibition highlighting the creative talents of staff members working in departments and programs throughout Brown University.

When Caged Birds Sing
Nov 16 - Dec 15, 2017
Cohen Gallery
This sculpture exhibition by Ann Weiner highlights the stories of eight women who have endured physical, psychological and/or emotional pain as a result of abuse.

Oct 5 - Nov 6, 2017
Cohen Gallery
Inspired by Pope Francis' affinity for light as a metaphor for change, LUMEN — an immersive, multidisciplinary installation by Loretta Gargan, Thomas Kelley, Eric Nathan and Catherine Wagner — aims to abstract and recontextualize an act of spiritual contemplation.

Topographies of Wonder
Oct 5 - Nov 6, 2017
Atrium Gallery
This exhibition showcases Keren Kroul's large-scale, layered and cut watercolor-on-paper paintings that form into organic and vibrantly colored shapes.

Terre Mecanique by Kelly Nipper: In Process
A Performa Commission with Brown Arts Initiative
Sept 6 - Sept 24, 2017
Cohen Gallery
This presentation of new artwork by Kelly Nipper provides a glimse into the development of her new performance with collaborators from the MIT Self-Assembly Lab and others, shaped during a residency at the Granoff Center in summer 2017.

As I Listened to the Sounds of an Upstream Current
Aug 28 - Sept 24, 2017
Atrium Gallery
Local artist Letitia Bryon presents a series of paintings about a community originally from central America now working in Providence and New Bedford. Each painting is accompanied by a story based on interviews with community members, including human rights activists, fish factory workers and traditional textile artists.

Ebb and Flow: BAI Annual Mural
Aug 7, 2017 - Jun 1, 2018
Granoff Center Upper Lobby
Ebb and Flow is an installation by artists May Babcock and Megan Singleton inspired by the waterways and flora of the Narragansett Bay. Dendritic patterns found in watershed maps and plant forms are interpreted using invasive plants that have been collected locally and transformed into handmade paper pulp.

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